8 Ways to Boost your Curb Appeal this Spring

Whether you are looking to sell or not, here are 8 tips to quickly spruce up your home this Spring!

1. Freshen up your Landscaping
Put down some fresh mulch and weed flower beds to give a fresh look.

2. Dress Up Your Front Door
Add new coat of paint, shine the metalwork, buy a fresh new mat and frame the entry with spring-blooming plants or perennials in handsome bright-colored pots.

3. Clean out the Gutters
Clogged gutters can lead to roof damage and make your home feel cluttered.

4. Trim Tress and Hedges
Simply trimming your trees and hedges will give your property a neater, more pleasing appearance.

5. Professionally Clean your Windows
You won’t believe the effect clean and sparkling windows can have on the appel of a property.

6. Mailbox Makeover
You use it six days a week: it might be time for an upgrade.

7. Upgrade your Garage Door
A new garage door is one of the best ways to increase curb appeal and it is a feature buyer’s love!

8. Bring Spring Inside
Adding some new light floral or bright colored bedding and towels can give the home a fast and easy makeover. Find spring-hued accent pillows for added style and refreshed look.